Witness a collection that tells centuries old story, and how it still effects Afghanistan’s history and the people’s dedication to protect it. Nazila Couture (NC) is honored for this opportunity. Nazila Couture embraces beauty in women of all sizes, ages, and ethnicity. NC designs are based on intricate, old age embroidery techniques, but are linear with today’s new innovations. The collections are inspired by a story and are mindful of important issues around the world. Nazila Couture’s latest collection is inspired by the refugee, orphan, Afghan girl who became the cover of National Geographic in 1985. Untold Stories and Nazila Couture have dedicated the first annual event to the people of Afghanistan. The brand’s hope is to remind people around the world of a place where for decades there has been no light, only darkness, but much hope, courage and patience for a better tomorrow.

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