Hershey KHAN

This charitable foundation came alive after the four of us; my husband Samir Sawhney and our friends Asif Khan and Harshita Khan spent many long Saturday nights sharing our real life stories. We immediately realized that through our story telling we shared love, sympathy and support. As we giggled, shared a few tears and exchanged stories and memories we knew that there are others just like us who would benefit from sharing their story.


US is the platform for unheard voices and untold stories of people who need to be heard and that need our help.


Events like these where “compassion, passion and fashion” can create such opportunities and transcend difficulties is a powerful pathway to finding fulfillment. It’s a feeling of self worth, and a physical and emotional sense of reward. This is my way to happiness !


“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap.

If you want happiness for a day, go fishing.

If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune.

If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody”


                                             -Chinese Proverb

Born and raised in Vrindavan, a small town in India, I always wanted to experience the life in the west. Almost two decades ago, I landed in the USA, for attending college at ASU. While majoring in Computer Science, I made quite a few friends and decided to stay in Phoenix. I live in Chandler and work for a mid size company in an information technology leadership role. Here is what inspired me to start the US foundation.


Christmas of 2017,  I met Rukhsaar who changed my way of thinking forever. I was visiting my dad’s NGO where he has been providing sewing vocational skills to young women and enabling them to be independent.


Rukhsaar is a 16 year old girl who comes from a family that lives on less than 2 dollars a day. Hearing her story of struggles filled up my heart. She is smart, beautiful and willing to do whatever it takes to learn and make a better living. All she needs is some help and a little push.


In life, I have come to realize that everything connects to everything else – Me, Kids, Home, work, family and friends. Learning from one spills into other departments. So anything I do impacts everything I do.  Growing up we were taught to give to those less fortunate than us. We did that because it was the “right thing to do”.



We have been sending money to my dad for his NGO. But it was not until I met Rukhsaar, I realized the power I had to make an impact – not just in others lives but more so in my own! Finally I got it! I now know why giving back is the “right thing to do”.

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