Panah charity foundation

This year we are joining hands in support of widows and orphans in Afghanistan. The funds raised will provide shelter to families who are homeless and are currently living in treacherous conditions. Unfortunately, the sub-standard conditions and extreme weather conditions have resulted in numerous untimely demises of families. These families are the neediest; they have no means of providing for a day’s worth of a meal, nor access to sanitation facilities or potable water; basic humanity needs for survival.

The unfortunate widows, victims of dire circumstances, are often too depressed and emotionally damaged to deal with daily tasks and the young children struggle to make ends meet and become the sole bread winners for the family.

Afghanistan, indeed is the forgotten land, being war torn for more than 4 decades, have led the Afghan people to be victims of dire conditions.

The Shelter Project, will provide modest homes to these families in need of safety and peace of mind and further foster the lives of the young and protect against extreme conditions.

We are grateful for your support and are hopeful that together we can minimize the suffering endured by these innocent families.

Panah Charity Organization is our beneficiary for this event and we are humbled to be a part of this great cause. For more information on Panah Charity Foundation, please follow

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